That Old Rugged Cross

Possible U.S. Senator David Dewhurst comments on the resignation of Al Armendariz, who held a role in the imaginations of Texans comparable to the rule Freddy Kreuger holds in the minds of sex-crazed teenagers. The mixed metaphors are amusing (“coupled with his laser-like focus on destroying the oil and gas industry in Texas, Armendariz’s repulsive comments were the final straw”), but the offense taken is a little strange.

The arrogance of Armendariz, his religious insensitivity, and his radical beliefs are a microcosm of the Obama Administration.

“Religious insensitivity”? Because he mentioned the Roman practice of crucifixion? I get that a politician would want to scream “I’m offended!” whenever possible, but crucifixion wasn’t just something Romans did to Christians. The second-most famous crucifixion ever – admittedly, it’s a steep drop from #1 to #2 – was probably the mass torture of Spartacus’s rebels at the close of the Third Servile War. Armendariz, in his example, made a weird and ahistorical reference to the crucifixion of “Turks,” but the point I think he was trying to make was about non-Christians.