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Tax Day Deadline Approaches, Ruining America’s Weekend Plans

The taxman cometh, and for those of us who haven’t yet filed, it’s going to be a weekend spent with the calculator and receipts shoebox.

Granted, we should be thanking the IRS. After all, we get another extension this year. Instead of the usual deadline of April 15, a Sunday, and Emancipation Day on Monday, we get to file two days later, on April 17.

While President Obama pushes the “Buffett Rule” on the campaign trail, the 99 percent will be filling in their 1040 forms by the millions. The IRS estimates it will receive 144 million individual tax returns this year, 91 million of which have already been sent in, according to CNN.

If you’re bummed out about having to file, remember this: Warren Buffett paid $6.9 million in taxes in 2010. Then again, he probably paid a lower rate than you, so while you might not want his bill, you probably wouldn’t mind being in his bracket.