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Nearly 1.5 Million Visa and MasterCard Numbers Hacked Via Processing Firm

(Visa and MasterCard credit card logos are seen on a sign in Washington on March 30, 2012. Credit card giants Visa and MasterCard were scrambling to thwart cyber crooks who looted a massive trove of precious account data, evidently from a payment processor in New York.)

Photo by NICHOLAS KAMM/AFP/Getty Images

You might want to check your credit card bill for hot tubs and flat screens that you didn’t order.

Following rumors of a massive credit card hack over the weekend, large payment-processing firm Global Payments has confirmed that it recently suffered a security breach on nearly 1.5 million North American accounts. The breach was first reported by the Wall Street Journal, after Visa canceled services from the company.

Global Payments serves most major credit cards and reportedly processed over $120 billion in transactions for Visa and MasterCard alone last year. While the company says it doesn’t believe other customer information was stolen–like names and social security numbers—the breach may not yet be contained.

Those responsible for the hack haven’t been discovered yet, and those reportedly most at risk of having their information stolen are people who paid for a New York City cab on their card in the past several months. Keep an eye on your statements, people!