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Samsung’s Galaxy S III Gets a Teaser Video With an iPhone Jab

There was a time when Apple advertised itself as a challenge to the mainstream. Now it’s a strategy companies are using against Apple.

The Samsung Galaxy S III phone has received a teaser trailer ahead of next week’s release, and along with some vague language about what the gadget will actually do is an apparent jab at iPhone makers and users.

Along with shots of galaxies in outer space and cryptic promises that the phone’s “truly smart technology” will become a natural part of life, the ad says Samsung’s new phone will help you stand out from everyone else—showing a flock of bleating sheep.

Will the Galaxy S III deliver truly revolutionary technology? Rumors of an 8-megapixel camera and a quad-core CPU abound, and a version of the phone was reportedly reviewed by a Vietnamese tech site last weekend—but the review has since been taken down.  The closely guarded facts should finally come to light at next week’s “Unpacked” release event in London.

Via Techcrunch.