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Ron Paul Raised $10 Million Last Quarter, but Donations Are Dipping

Rep. Ron Paul raised $10 million this quarter, but donations are starting to taper off. Supporters of Republican Presidential hopeful Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) cheer as he speaks during a town hall meeting at the University of Maryland.

Photo by T.J. Kirkpatrick/Getty Images

Congressman Ron Paul may be running dead-last in the polls, but his fundraising efforts prove his campaign—and his belief that debt is an unnecessary evil—are far from deceased.

The Texas representative and libertarian’s campaign announced it raised over $10 million this quarter and a solid $2.6 million in March despite lagging interest in the media and the primary voting booth, according to Politico. His tenacious base of supporters may hope he can keep fighting and maybe pickup a big upset in his delegate-rich state of Texas in May.

Of course, March’s numbers also show a downward trend for Congressman Paul—he raised significantly more money in January and February. But at least he’s debt-clean for now, which is more than some current and former candidates can say. Maybe Mr. Paul can start his own bank and loan some money to Newt Gingrich and Michele Bachmann—they could both use at least a million right now. 

Video produced by Dallas Jensen.