Ridin’ the Cain Train

I spent/squandered Sunday and Monday with Herman Cain and his new movement. The results are here, and they even explain the Kremlinology of the new Cainoverse. (Three organizations, all with different tax status, and one of them eventually running a Cain TV channel for online consumption.)

The article got discussed on Monday’s episode of the Rachel Maddow Show, where I suggested that the Tea Party’s fall-off didn’t mean that the movement was dead. It was still more robust than the remaining Occupy movement. This inspired a lot of email, with sentiments put best by Peter Farr.

You were touting the strength of the Tea Party (down from 1,000 groups to 600).  You compared them to the OccupyMovement which you said had fallen off significantly quicker.  You may be surprised to find we are still here.  

This past week Occupy along w/ Move.org & various local organizations trained 100,000 people in all 50 states.  I attended one of those trainings in Olympia, Washington state from 10 am to 5:00 pm this Sunday.  We had 6 presenters w/ approximately 100 participants.  Trust me, we’re into Occupy.

I’m a 66 year old female, & I don’t intend to go anywhere.  I could mix it up w/ the best the Tea Party has to offer.  One of our focuses in Olympia is Puget Sound Energy.  Occupy Boston has been extremely effective in stopping the foreclosure evictions.  The banks in Boston don’t even go there anymore.  Essentially, they are not even able to produce the mortgage note.  

I wouldn’t count Occupy out quite yet.