Poll: Romney Leads Gingrich by 10 in Texas

In an inspiring display of optimism, Public Policy Polling frames this poll by calling Texas “Romney country.” Here are the numbers, compared to the results in PPP’s January poll of Texas.

Mitt Romney - 45% (+23)
Newt Gingrich - 35% (+12)
Ron Paul - 14% (+2)

The conservative vote freed up by the collapse of Ricks Perry and Santorum goes, mostly, to Romney. In 2008, John McCain finished up the primaries with a 51-38 win in Texas, over Mike Huckabee and (again) Ron Paul. Texas was always going to be one of Romney’s stronger Southern states – lots of Hispanic voters, suburban transplants out-voting the east Texas conservatives. But isn’t a 10-point deficit pretty tantalizing for Gingrich?