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Opening Day Kicks Off … Sort Of

It’s opening day for Major League Baseball … sort of.

Depending on whether you’re counting games that count or the biggest set of match-ups, the beginning of the regular season started when the A’s played the Mariners in Japan last week—or when the real flurry of contests happens as this week ends. 

2012’s soft launch of baseball already has fans up in arms though. The grand opening of the Miami Marlins’ fancy air-conditioned stadium impressed owner Jeffrey Loria even if his team lost to World Series champs, the St. Louis Cardinals. But Loria’s choice of a frail Muhammad Ali to toss the first pitch had some fans accusing the owner of exploitation.

The Marlins don’t have much time to think about it—they play Cincinnati today. Other fans will be watching everyone from the newly favored Detroit Tigers and their pitcher Justin Verlander, to Dogers stars Clayton Kershaw and Matt Kemp as they go up against San Diego. 

Clear starting point or not—the national anthem’s over and the first inning is under way.