Opening Act: We Can’t Wait

Charlie Savage tells the history of the Barack Obama-executive power romance. Nothing new in the story, really – no new abuses – but an interesting take on the Republican response.

Republicans appear to have largely acquiesced. Mr. Grassley said in an interview that his colleagues were reluctant to block even more bills and nominations in response to Mr. Obama’s “chutzpah,” lest they play into his effort to portray them as making Congress dysfunctional.

Planned Parenthood expects to explain away an O’Keefe-style takedown in the near future.

In recent weeks people who oppose Planned Parenthood, and our mission to provide high-quality reproductive health care, have been conducting a secret, nationwide hoax campaign in an attempt to undermine women’s access to services… Recently, one group has escalated these hoax visits in many states, apparently using secret recorders while inquiring about sex selection abortions.

A campaign for a corporate tax break comes to an end. The buried lede:

The lobbyist said prospects for the legislation weren’t promising, which contributed to the decision to disband the group. Doug Thornell, who had been a spokesman for the campaign, declined to comment.

Thornell’s last job: Spokesman for Democratic star, now ranking Budget member, Chris Van Hollen. Washington, everyone. Take a look, we’ll take a bow.