Opening Act: The Length of a Stick

Lindy West rants at entertaining length about “hipster racism.”

First of all, privileged dickweeds wearing Urban Outfitters “Navajo” panties, I didn’t realize that you excavated those in your anthropological field work.
On and on like that. Alec McGillis peers into the near-term future of AFCSME.
While Donohue says he would mobilize AFSCME members fully behind Barack Obama’s reelection, if he defeats Saunders it seems quite likely that one of the country’s most deep-pocketed unions will be committing less money to national Democratic Party priorities. This shift, if it happens, could parallel a more general trend across organized labor.
Stephen Colbert jokes with the Kochs.
I was particularly excited to meet David Koch earlier tonight because I have a Super PAC, Colbert Super PAC, and I am – thank you, thank you – and I am happy to announce Mr. Koch has pledged $5 million to my Super PAC.  And the great thing is, thanks to federal election law, there’s no way for you to ever know whether that’s a joke.
By the way, if David Koch likes his waiter tonight, he will be your next congressman.
Also, the collective decision to cover this moment from yesterday’s Biden speech says something about the online news churn that… I don’t like to think about. Screen shot 2012-04-26 at 1.58.09 PM