Opening Act: Cash Money Team

Treasure these early weeks of campaign season, when jackassery is still permitted at candidate debates.

It’s not often the word “whore” plays into a debate for U.S. Senate, but it happened Thursday night as five democratic candidates squared off in the first televised debate of the campaign season. Lee Whitnum, an author from Greenwich who claims some of her ideas will anger voters, went after U.S. Rep. Chris Murphy for his stance on support for Israel.

While we’re on the topic…

The years-old photographs from Gilbert’s Facebook page were reported by the conservative Washington Free Beacon the same day her hiring was announced — sending Democrats again into damage control on Jewish issues. The photographs played to the worst stereotypes of Jews’ role in Democratic Party politics, picturing them clutching dollar bills and referring to themselves as “Jewbags” and the “Jew cash money team.”

After the anti-Trayvon sputtering comes the anti-anti-Trayvon sputtering.

The right-wing audience only needs a few traits from the bad novelist’s toolbox. Like the big-titted blonde used and murdered by a Japanese man in Tom Clancy’s Debt of Honor, whose sacred American vagina serves as both metaphor and explanation for that tiny, vengeful people’s plunder of America, all you need are one or two red flags. They first say that Trayvon was black, and then they reference vandalism and “marijuana residue.” A fake grill, tattoos and the word “thug” do the rest of the heavy social code-wording. By the end of that four-phrase personal inventory, anyone predisposed against blacks wants to know if the coroner shaved Trayvon’s eyebrows to reveal hidden left-to-right “FUCK” and “WHITEY” tats. These people are already on board. You just have to punch their ticket.

And Ben Jacobs meets the new Nate Silver.