Opening Act: Arrested

George Zimmerman was arrested yesterday. The charge was second degree murder; the Orlando Sentinel captures the scene.

At the Washington convention center where Trayvon’s parents later spoke, a crowd of about 40 had gathered around a hallway TV to hear the decision by the special prosecutor. When she said they would pursue second-degree murder, many in the group erupted in applause.

Soon after Corey’s announcement, the Rev. Al Sharpton addressed the crowd.

“We don’t want anyone high-fiving tonight. There was no winner tonight,” Sharpton said. “This is not about gloating. This is about pursuing justice.”

The sense I got in Sanford was that an arrest by one of these new legal authorities would simmer down emotions considerably. Now we test the theory.

Dan Amira notices, with obvious disappointment, that none of the candidates urged to run by God ended up winning.

Jon Huntsman’s vendors want to get paid. So do Newt Gingrich’s. I’d just note that Buddy Roemer’s vendors haven’t run to the media to complain about anything.