Occupy: The Album, The Coloring Book

Reports of Occupy’s decline have been greatly overplayed. Evidence: The Occupy fundraising album.

The music of this soundtrack is to represent the 99% through the voices of 99 artists from different genres of music, socioeconomic status, genders, and races from all over the world. Through the beauty of music, the listener gains a prospective of what millions of others throughout this world are feeling, deep within. We hope that the music you hear will inspire you to stand up and allow your voice to be heard while supporting those who already are.
The cash transfer part of this is a little opaque: “all proceeds above board attained through the production and distribution of ‘Occupy This Album’ … will go directly towards the needs of sustaining this growing movement.” Growing, though? The New York branch of the movement has struggled mightily since being booted from Zucotti; this week, supporters have been fighting to stay on sidewalks outside the NYSE. The next day of action on the agenda is May 1, which is a labor holiday everywhere besides the United States. The public, agenda-driving aspect of the movement has truly petered out. We’re left with cultural campaign material, like this Occupy coloring book that’s both “limited” and discounted to $1.99. OccupyAJob_SS54