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North Korea’s Website Cost $15

North Korea’s official English website may not be much more complex than your average high school student’s blog.

A story in Wired magazine details how the isolated country’s state-sponsored Web presence uses a website design that has barely been customized and costs about $15. Think of it like using Wordpress or Tumblr, and not really taking the time to customize your settings.

It’s not exactly the price tag or complexity one would expect from a nuclear power. A Fordham University student, who was analyzing official media from the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea for class, made the discovery.

“I had to present this to class and everyone was pretty shocked,” said Michael DiTanna.

In a way this is good news—now that one sovereign nation has used IgniteThemes “Blender” template for its official website, maybe we can all follow suit. That’s one way to curb government spending.

Video produced by Dallas Jensen.