Newtmentum in Delaware

In 1992, as it became clear that Bill Clinton would win the presidency, Maryland Gov. William Schaefer switched his endorsement to George H.W. Bush. The Schaefer Award of 2012 goes to Hans Reigle, chairman of the Kent County (the middle one) Delaware GOP, who bolted the Romney train for the Newt zipcar. (Maybe not a zipcar. Zipcars don’t have liens.

I previously endorsed Governor Romney, but since then Newt is the only candidate who has shown a willingness to meet and talk with Delaware voters for more than hour.

Mitt Romney has held one (1) event in Delaware since the Wisconsin primary effectively ended the race. I was there; it was the speech where he tried (with odd success) to muddy the “war on women” debate. Gingrich has held eight events in every county. (Delaware has three of them. Counties, not events.) There is no real evidence that stumping in Delaware helps you win. Actually, Joe Lieberman tried it in 2004, and got blown out by John Kerry, who didn’t even try to win the state. The country club Republicans in New Castle usually outnumber the harder-edged conservatives in Kent and Sussex.