Mitthusiasm: Mitch Daniels Edition

Mitthusiasm is an ongoing series tracking the excitment/total lack of excitement evident in endorsements of Mitt Romney. The excitement standard: Ted Kennedy’s endorsement of Barack Obama in 2008.

I believe there is one candidate who has extraordinary gifts of leadership and character, matched to the extraordinary demands of this moment in history. He understands what Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called the “fierce urgency of now.”

Now: The much-anticipated Mitch Daniels torch-pass.

Mitt Romney has earned our party’s nomination and now deserves the support of every American still committed to government that serves the people rather than rules over them. The ruinous debts and anti-enterprise policies of today threaten more than our near-term economy; unaddressed soon, they will end the promise of upward mobility that our nation has always offered to its young and its poor. And they will end the U.S. leadership which has promoted peace and progress around the world for so many decades. Mitt Romney has proven that he understands what is at stake and is prepared to summon Americans to the changes that will restore the American Dream and our national greatness. I’ll do whatever I’m asked to help him.

Not too awful. We’re left in the dark about how Romney has “proven” his understanding of what’s-at-stake, and we get the same “eh, I guess he won” tone perfected by Marco Rubio last month. But there’s a little actual praise here!

As a bonus, Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett.

Now that the long primary season has ended, it is time for Republicans to come together and unite around the one candidate who can defeat Barack Obama and institute a bold conservative vision that we need in Washington. That is why I am heartily endorsing Mitt Romney. Our country needs a president who will reverse President Obama’s failed policies and ensure an opportunity for all Americans to prosper. Mitt Romney will restore fiscal sanity to Washington by cutting spending, lowering taxes, and reforming entitlements.

He said “heartily.”