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Mel Gibson Rant Released by Joe Eszterhas After Fight Over Maccabees Script

How long before a judge orders Mel Gibson to take anger management classes?

The latest blowup from the movie star and director has been released to the public by Basic Instinct screenwriter Joe Eszterhas, who was apparently reamed out by Gibson while his family visited the Braveheart star in Costa Rica.

Eszterhas and Gibson had been working on a film called The Maccabees, about a rebel Jewish army that took control of Judea before the time of Christ. Gibson, apparently angry about waiting on a script, laid into the screenwriter, whose 15-year-old son had his iPhone ready to record this little gem:

“Why don’t I have a first draft of ‘The Maccabees’? What the f–k have you been doing?”

Gibson also hollers about ex and baby-mama Oksana Grigorieva on the recording. TMZ reports that Gibson’s lawyers are considering legal action against the screenwriter, since the recording was made in his Costa Rica home without permission. Either way, if you want a relaxing stay in Costa Rica, maybe don’t stay at Mad Max’s house?