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Mac Malware Flashback Trojan Reportedly Infects Half a Million Computers

(A malware virus may have infected over half a million mac computers. Black Friday shoppers check out Apple laptops on sale on Black Friday, November 25, 2011, at the Fair Lakes Best Buy store in Fairfax, Virginia.)

Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP/Getty Images

Bad news Mac lovers: even you can get malware, and you might already have it.

A new report from a Russian security firm says over half a million Apple computers have been infected with the Flashback Trojan, a virus that turns their computer into part of a controllable botnet. And over half of the infected computers are reportedly in the United States.

The malware was first detected last year, disguised as a Flash Player update. It later messed with Java programming language, installing code from sites without the owners’ permission. Apple has finally released a new security update that should help fight the virus if your computer has it. 

Unfortunately, it may be time for Mac users to stop bragging that they can’t get viruses. And time for them to finally run that pesky software update!

Video produced by Jim Festante