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Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Tour Kicks off in South Korea

Lady Gaga is kicking off her Born This Way Ball tour in South Korea this week, and fans can barely contain their excitement.

Video and audio of rehearsals for breakout tracks like electro-pop cut “Bad Kids,” which reportedly features the pop star wearing a characteristically strange outfit by Armani, had Gaga enthusiasts tweeting up a storm in anticipation of the 110-date tour.

Seoul, South Korea is in some ways a strange spot for the moderately controversial Gaga to begin. The country has banned people under the age of 18 from attending her second performance there, and Christian protesters were seen outside of the Olympic stadium ahead of her evening concert.

But with worldwide sales over 8 million for 2011 album Born This Way, there are probably a lot more little monsters who love Gaga than those who would call her stardom a bad romance.