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Joe Flacco of the Ravens Thinks He’s the Best QB in the NFL

Humility—do great quarterbacks have it?

Not if the Ravens’ Joe Flacco is defining “great.” Asked if he considers himself a “top five” QB, Flacco did an interviewer one better. “What do you expect me to say?” Asked Flacco. “I don’t think I’m top five, I think I’m the best. I don’t think I’d be very successful at my job if I didn’t feel that way.”

Former first-round draft pick Flacco—who recently has been more famous on Twitter for sporting a unibrow—is about to finish serving out his rookie contract, and is looking for a new one that matches his opinion of his own abilities. Of course, the QB efficiency metric used by Football Outsiders ranks him somewhere between 15th and 18th among his NFL peers. But a sense of ultimate self-worth may be part of the football head game.