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Hilary Rosen, Ann Romney, and the Political War Over Women

The war over women between President Obama and Mitt Romney just went thermonuclear.

Romney—who has been polling poorly among female voters—arguably started the fight, claiming that 93 percent of jobs lost during Obama’s presidency belonged to women.

Obama’s campaign hit back, pointing to the Lilly Ledbetter bill that ensures against gender discrimination in payment practices. And in a press call this week, Romney’s camp fumbled on a question about whether or not the former Massachusetts governor supported the bill.

But things got really heated when democratic operative Hilary Rosen made the comment that Ann Romney “actually never worked a day in her life.” The resulting firestorm has seen Mrs. Romney join Twitter and go on Fox News to defend her status as a stay-at-home mother.

The good news for Obama is that Rosen doesn’t work for his camp. The good news for Romney? His wife may be a real mama grizzly.