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Heart Attack Grill Claims Second Victim With Double Bypass Burger

There’s no place quite like America, and the second known victim of the Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas proves this fact.

In the second incident involving a burger-eater at the infamous restaurant in two months, a woman in her 40s collapsed while reportedly smoking, drinking a margarita, and eating a “double bypass burger,” which features two half-pound patties and bacon.

It’s unknown whether the woman suffered a heart attack, as did a customer earlier this year, but she was rushed to the emergency room.

Can she sue for her medical bills? Probably not; the name of the burger and signs at the bar saying “This Establishment is Bad for Your Health” make the risks involved pretty obvious. Free publicity aside though, with two medical emergencies at a restaurant naming its dishes after health emergencies, the Nevada health department has to show up sometime.