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Google Glasses Parodies Have Begun, But Are They Accurate?

Will Google’s Project Glass be awesome Terminator vision or an annoying vehicle for incessant advertising?

A day after the tech giant put forth an instantly viral video on its long-rumored augmented reality glasses, the parodies are in full swing. Comedian Tom Scott shows the Google goggles steering him into lampposts, giving his information to the cops, and sending unwanted messages. Another video shows the viewer’s perspective crowded out by unwanted ads.

But even with the jokes and fears about what they may lead to, Google’s foray into “wearable computing” pushes it ahead of competitors like Apple in a form of technology that seems inevitable. And despite fears, developers say project glass actually helps free the user from tech rather than force them to be glued to, say, their cellphone. Maybe a wait-and-see approach is best for now, at least until they give us the Ray-Ban model.