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“Fox Mole” Joe Muto Has Been Fired, Fox Considering Legal Action

The “Fox Mole” has been driven out of his Fox hole.

Joe Muto, the Fox News employee who anonymously penned several popular columns about his work for the website Gawker from within the news organization, has been fired.

Muto had worked as an associate producer at The O’Reilly Factor, and wrote about everything from Fox’s bathrooms to the racist commenters of the website Fox Nation. He also provided Gawker with prebroadcast banter between Fox host Sean Hannity and GOP candidate Mitt Romney.

A Fox News spokesperson told the website Mediaite that after being found out, Muto was fired, and that the network was exploring legal action against the former employee and others.

Muto’s missives captured the attention of Gawker readers and those who see the Fox network as a mouthpiece for the conservative Republican agenda. But we have to ask: Some cellphone shots and some banter is your best “blaze of glory” to go out on, Muto? We expected better … or rather … worse.