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Caine’s Arcade: Nine-Year-Old Kid’s Cardboard Project Lands Him College Fund

Whether or not there was any danger before, Caine Monroy won’t likely ever be told he’s got too much time on his hands. The 9-year-old who created a cardboard box arcade dubbed Caine’s Arcade in his dad’s auto part store is now a viral sensation with a scholarship fund.

Filmmaker Nirvan Mullick discovered the kid’s cutout creations, built from shipping boxes in his dad George’s auto parts store in East Los Angeles, while looking for an auto part. A nine-minute video released this week about Caine’s Arcade, and shows the creative tyke building and talking about his creative project.

Mullick and others started a college fund for Caine, which has already raised over $65,000. Not a bad haul—and a lesson for parents and kids: Your wacky creative project idea might just turn into a cardboard goldmine.