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Brian McKnight Releases Bafflingly Explicit Adult Mixtape Song

Wonder what Brian McKnight’s up to these days? If you guessed the R&B star’s been keeping busy by posting sexually explicit ditties to YouTube, you’d be right on the money.

McKnight’s been trending on Twitter after posting a video of new, Not Safe for Work material online. His demo of the song, called “If You’re Ready To Learn” features McKnight soulfully boasting of his expertise of the finer points of female anatomy. 

Unable to decipher whether or not the clip is a joke, fans have been in an uproar of comments both positive and negative. Response was so swift and uneven, McKnight removed the video hours after uploading it, though copies live on. Was the 16-time Grammy nominee attempting clever R&B satire, or just making an incredibly miscalculated pass at R. Kelly’s sexually leering crooner crown? You can be the judge … if you’re ready to learn.