Breitbart: The Music Video, the Protest Movement, the Meme

FreeRepublic, the original conservative web board protests the White House Correspondents Dinner every year. (In previous cycles, they’ve been joined by the not-very-blendable activists of Code Pink. They still pop up in photos of congressional hearings, and Medea Benjamin isn’t a pauper, so they’ll probably surface again.)

Our theme this year, in tribute to our late fellow FReeper, andrew, is Breitbart is Here.

We are asking participants to wear Breitbart is Here t-shirts and/or carry Breitbart is Here posters for the demonstration.

We will have a limited supply of t-shirts and posters based on the I Own the World design, but you can get your own at Anthem Studios. Proceeds go to a fund for Breitbart’s family.

This freep is the most fun one that we do. We get to meet and freep reporters, executives, politicians and celebrities on their way to the dinner.This your chance to tell the media face to face your opinion of how they do their job.

And so the Meme-ing of Breitbart continues. Jim Hoft points us to this new music video by Chris Cassone, in which posters of the Righteous Indignation cover float, Langolier-like, onto media structures.