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Can Apple’s Big Sales in China Last?

This year, and perhaps for years to come, Apple’s biggest gadget sales could happen in the very country where they’re made: China.

The tech company’s quarterly earnings have again wowed investors, with $110 billion cash on hand, and over $600 per share price on the stock market. But the biggest news—and the biggest questions about Apple’s future growth—may lie in the Chinese market, which already in 2012 is on track to consume more smartphones than the United States.

Investors say China’s skyrocketing consumer economy for new gadgets like the iPhone could deliver big for the company, which will compete with Android phone makers to cash in on new wealth among China’s middle class.

But some say Apple’s explosive growth in sales can’t continue at the current pace, and without another revolutionary product, sales could dip dramatically. Tim Cook, if you want to beat those Google glasses sales, it’s time to pull something out of the hat.