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Apple, Google, and Other Tech Companies Fail To Stop Antitrust Suit

Steve Jobs’ voice continues to leave an impact from beyond the grave—and that includes antitrust lawsuits against Apple.

Five former employees won a battle in court yesterday when a judge refused to dismiss their case alleging a group of big tech companies agreed to stop poaching employees from each other.

Apple, Google, Intel, Adobe, Intuit, Pixar, and Lucasfilm are all defendants in the suit. Who ended the clash of these tech titans over recruiting talent? Allegedly Jobs, who once said to a CEO of the company Palm, “we must do whatever we can to stop cold calling each other’s employees and other competitive recruiting efforts between the companies.”

Trying to keep the peace may not sound so bad, but if you’re an employee, you want to be wanted—it’s part of how you step up in the corporate world, and how you get paid more. The Justice Department settled a similar case with the companies in 2010, which seems to bode well for the plaintiffs, who could see a court case by June 2013. Their mobility may have been restricted before, but a nice fat “pension,” of sorts, may be coming

Video produced by Jim Festante.