A Man Gets Pecked to Death by Chickens, for Freedom

Herman Cain is well and truly determined to spend all of his post-campaign money on insane videos. Are they actually helping to promote his monster rallies in D.C. next week? I don’t know. The website that they point you to features a picture of a sweater-vested Cain staring into an a Ballardian landscape. It encourages you to donate money and watch more videos. That’s it.

Oh, I went this far without offering up the new video. Here it is.

It follows in the tradition of this video:

And the one that started it all.

Every Cain video is rolled out the same way: An e-mail to supporters promising something awesome. “You know the drill,” Cain Connections promises in its bulletin. “Watch, laugh, scream, roll on the floor, jump in the pool – whatever you do to calm down – then forward it to your friends.You’ve seen enough of our style to know your ideas should be out of the box, a little nutty, and perhaps really nutty. Did I mention nutty?”

Next step: Gullible political writers asking what the hell Cain is doing. After this: Animal rights advocates getting outraged. And soon, a video of a water buffalo being dropped into a pit of quicksand and broken glass, or something along these lines.