You Stay Classy, American Bridge

The Republican-tracking gremlins at American Bridge became the happy owners of NewtGingrich.com this year. As of this morning, they started redirecting it to a new microsite: ShouldNewtGingrichDropOut.com. It’s one of those one-page joke hubs; the only word when you click over is YES.

Now, why would a pro-Democratic campaign want Newt Gingrich to drop out? If the polls in Alabama and Mississippi hold up, he’s about to win those states with small pluralities. Doing so keeps Republicans in their current stasis – Mitt Romney far ahead in delegates, no conservative challenger able to consolidate votes and embarrass him, and no stampede of small-dollar conservative donors over to Santorum. April begins with a small number of primaries that lean to Romney, and a small desert before April 22: Pennsylvania, Delaware, and three northeastern states that Romney can use to nearly lock down the nomination.

If you want Romney to suffer, you need Gingrich out.