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U.S. Soccer Team Loses Chance at Olympics After Tie With El Salvador

Quiet the vuvuzelas for a moment of silence; for only the second time since 1976, the United States soccer team has failed to qualify for the Olympics and will not be going to London this summer.

With the United States leading El Salvador 3-2 with seconds to go during a qualifying match in Nashville, Tenn., El Salvador kicked a long shot that bounced off United States’ goalkeeper Sean Johnson’s hands back into the net, tying the game 3-3 and preventing the Americans from reaching Saturday’s semifinals and the 2012 Olympic games.

“This is probably the worst feeling I’ve ever felt in my life so far as a pro athlete,” U.S. captain Freddy Adu said. Well get ready Freddy: It’s probably about to get worse. Now the rest of the world’s football fans have yet another reason to make jokes about our soccer skills. Time to start practicing for 2016.