Today in Mitt Romney Being Wealthy

Craig Gilbert writes up this hilarious Mitt Romney joke, made on a call to Wisconsin voters, with some impressive deadpan skill.

You may remember my father, George Romney, was president of an automobile company called American Motors …  They had a factory in Michigan, and they had a factory in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and another one in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. And as the president of the company he decided to close the factory in Michigan and move all the production to Wisconsin. Now later he decided to run for governor of Michigan and so you can imagine that having closed the factory and moved all the production to Wisconsin was a very sensitive issue to him, for his campaign… so every time they would start playing “On, Wisconsin, On, Wisconsin,” my dad’s political people would jump up and down and try to get them to stop, because they didn’t want people in Michigan to be reminded that my dad had moved production to Wisconsin.

What a fun story. The never-ending thump-thump-thump of “Romney is rich” stories come off a little cheap. The point, though, is that Romney manages to outdo even Barack Obama when it comes to lacking empathy. See also: His pretty glib lack of answers on what might be done to ensure that “invincibles” don’t go without health care.