The Sleep of the Just

Yesterday was distracting. The news (or “news”) of this video of Newt Gingrich at AIPAC reached me, but I didn’t see it until just now. The truly amazing thing about it is that ABC News posted the clip at all.

Seriously: People use time between live shots to rest up. I’ve done it. Lots of people who’ve had to do early morning TV, or late night TV, or TV packed into a busy schedule, have done it. Why sell the guy out?

Oh. Cue Trip Gabriel.

Mr. Gingrich was known for welcoming reporters’ questions almost daily, but no longer. He has been less available for this back and forth even as the size of the traveling press corps shrinks to a rump of embeds for the national television networks and a few online and print reporters.

Read on; Gabriel’s one of the reporters who’s occasionally irritated Team Newt with untimely, not-useful reporting. When newtworks record absolutely everything you do, the networks must be fed regularly, or they turn.