The Real Media Conspiracy Against Ron Paul

ATLANTA, Ga. – I boarded a plane that would take me, circuitously, to Washington, D.C., and found myself surrounded by embeds. People from all the major networks were chasing Newt Gingrich to Illinois. They talked enviously of the people chasing Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney to Puerto Rico.

A piece was missing: Where were the people following Ron Paul’s campaign with cameras? They were gone. NBC, the last network to have a cameraman on Paul, pulled the steadfast Anthony Terrell on Monday, sending him back to the vinyards of the Rachel Maddow Show. In one way it’s a blessing; the Paul campaign, largely through chairman Jesse Benton, made it known that it found the embed process irritating, and found their horse race questions unworthy fo the candidate. To a Ron Paul fan, though, here’s proof that the MSM really is silencing your guy. They gave him a chance! I’d heard, from some of the relevant sweathogs, that some producers felt that the 2008 Ron Paul story got missed. Not this time. It was covered, and found wanting.