The Myth of Mitt Romney’s Wednesday Curse

Is it possible for Mitt Romney to win a key primary and not bungle the next-day storyline somehow? I humbly present the evidence.

January 29: Romney wins Florida.
March 1: Romney says, in an interview with NBC, that he’s “not concerned about the very poor,” because their safety net is taunt and springy.

February 28: Romney wins Arizona and Michigan.
February 29: Romney misunderstands a rambling question, and seems to say he opposes the “Blunt amendment” that would allow any insurer to take a powder on birth control coverage.

March 20: Romney wins Illinois.
March 21: This nonsense.

Three stumbles after three big wins. Not terrific. But I see no major Romney mistakes after his wins in New Hampshire or the Super Tuesday states. We’ve got a small sample size – five, maybe six key moments for Romney – and only twice has Romney himself been tripped up.

The candidate may not be at fault here. This is the news cycle, fulfilling its nature role, applying downward pressure when someone rises too quickly.