The Grover Norquist-Gary Johnson Team-Up

Gary Johnson quit the Republican presidential race in January, before he could even scrounge together votes in New Hampshire. He started running as a Libertarian candidate – the odds-on sure-thing for that party’s nomination – and got perhaps 10-12 percent more interest from the media.

And then came this announcement:

Grover Norquist, President of the taxpayer advocacy organization, Americans for Tax Reform, will join former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson for an online Town Hall Monday, March 18

Is Norquist selling out the Republican Party? No, stop saying that. “Everyone who takes the pledge, I cheerfully work with and will talk to about why they took it,” says Norquist. “He’s got a conference call with his supporters. I want to talk to them. The Libertarian Party is part of the center-right movement, so I’ll talk to them, too. But, I expect to be working with the Republican Party in the fall.

“It’s just a conference call. I’d do the same thing for Obama if he asked. But I think I’d have more success with Gary’s supporters.”