The DNC Solves Its Randall Terry Problem

Randall Terry, the pro-life advocate-turned-stunt presidential candidate, is apoplectic. He’s told me (and some other people) that he wants to win Democratic caucuses in Alaska, Kansas, and Wyoming. He’s filed a declaration of candidacy in all three states. In Alaska, that meant giving the party a $1000 check – which the party says it’s returning, having taken him off the ballot. Terry’s response:

Will Democratic Party Subvert Democratic Process in Alaska, Wyoming, and Kansas on April 14? “Thomas Jefferson Would be Ashamed; Vladimir Putin Would be Proud”
What’s the Democrats’ excuse? The answer, obviously, starts with Lyndon LaRouche. In 2000, the perennial, undefinable candidate was the last man standing when Al Gore was wrapping up his primary wins. LaRouche did well enough in Arkansas, for example, to earn delegates. The party eventually found a way to avoid the embarrassment of LaRouche cultists showing up as anti-Gore partisans in Los Angeles, and in years therafter it added this language to its delegate rules. Screen shot 2012-03-23 at 2.42.00 PM The “good faith” and “objectives” clause is the Terry-killer. When he won delegates in Oklahoma, he told me he was running an “Obama suppression campaign” with the explicit goal of defeating the president. In a post-LaRouche world that’s enough to stop him.