Super Tuesday? Oy, Tell Me About It

ATLANTA – I joined Brian Lehrer and Karen Tumulty today for a pre-game discussion of the Big Day of Ten States Voting Using Radically Different Voting Systems, colloquially known as “Super Tuesday.” Toward the end a glitch switched out my audio, so I’m not looking forward to the transcript, but maybe you’ll learn something.

The best primers I’ve seen today both originated at Politico. Maggie Haberman, who’s mastered the form, has 10 things to watch; Jonathan Martin has a download from party strategists. I’m thinking about how it will play out on TV. The first poll closings, at 7 p.m., happen in Vermont, Virginia, and Georgia. Virginia will be called for Romney before Wolf Blitzer can draw a full breath. Based upon my total inability to find non-Gingrich voters in Georgia, this state might be called for him at 7, too. There hasn’t been fantastic polling of Vermont, but that may be our first competitive state – if it isn’t, that’s two early calls for Romney, building a “narrative” of success before 7:30, when Ohio starts to roll.