Poll: Most Alabama Republicans Doubt Evolution, Obama’s Religion

GULFPORT, Miss. – It’s really been too long since a latrine-stirring Public Policy Polling survey of the electorate. In Mississippi: Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 8.29.31 AM In Alabama: Screen shot 2012-03-12 at 8.29.46 AM
I haven’t been here long, but it’s actually a little difficult to find voters who have not at least entertained skepticism about these issues. In other states, Romney was absolutely massacred among voters whose anger at Barack Obama was cultural, personal – he’s never won “birthers” over. That Romney’s in contention to win deep South delegates, and maybe win one primary in a split, is… no, I was going to say miraculous, but if it happens it will be a function of Gingrich and Santorum splitting votes.