Opening Act: Courts

Jason Cherkis unloads the notes that Harris Wofford’s tracker provided while following Rick Santorum.

In a room of Jewish grandmothers, he claimed he was not in favor of prayer in schools. At a separate event, his wife lamented the lack of religious expression in the classroom.

Charlie Pierce nurses his broken heart over John Edwards and the prostitution scandal.

This isn’t losing his head to a New Age babbler who assured Edwards, that utter sap, that his aura was drawing them into a life together beyond the three-dimensional plane and into the candy-colored universe that lies outside the senses, wah-dee-doo-dah. There’s no baby involved, either. This is, allegedly, a purely business transaction for the purposes of getting your ashes hauled by a professional hauler of ashes. The basic banality of the transaction in question makes anything that comes out now instantly credible, and its basic cheesiness reduces the effectiveness of any defense based on psychological damage, as valid as that defense might be.

Adam Kredo has really owned the search-for-Obama’s-Jewish-Jeremiah-Wright beat.

“He reignited the concerns of the Jewish community” with that speech, said the senior Jewish insider, who went on to note that the Jewish community has concerns about a potential second term.

“There are grave concerns that during his second term, when he no longer has to worry about mundane matters of electoral politics, that the real Barack Obama will come forward,” said the source. “Bibi Netanyahu better watch out.”