Opening Act: Anchorman

ABC gets police surveillance video of the night George Zimmerman was arrested. The late wave of skeptical leaks described ugly lacerations and damage from a fight with Trayvon Martin. In the video, they are hard to see.

John Wolfe, Jr. joins Randall Terry as a Guy Who Has Won Delegates Away From Barack Obama.

Wolfe, who ran second in Saturday’s Louisiana Democratic primary behind President Barack Obama, said he has done it all for less than $5,000 – the threshold at which he would have to file a statement of candidacy and campaign finance reports with the Federal Election Commission, which he has not yet done.

Marco Rubio endorses Mitt Romney, which doesn’t move votes as much as it tells Rick Santorum to bug off already. Jennifer Rubin asks about the veepstakes.

Rubio is certainly the darling of the conservative base, someone who can articulate domestic and foreign policy principles in an uplifting fashion. But he has never been through a national vetting and has never experienced the nonstop scrutiny of a presidential race. The risk of sending Rubio out too soon in his career is nevertheless a valid reason to pass on the 2012 ticket. It is not as if he is going to disappear from the public eye.

And Will Ferrell is making a sequel to Anchorman. It says something about Ferrell’s quality control that this is a cause for joy, not dread.