Newt et Callista dînent à l’Auberge Chez François

Newt Gingrich began his day with a Sherman’s march of TV hits, and spent the rest of it with his wife Callista. She gave away their location with an evening tweet. Screen shot 2012-03-04 at 10.22.17 PM The Gingrichian romance with l’Auberge Chez Francois (in English: At Frank’s Place) dates back quite a while. His summer 2011 tweet about the quality of food there was the sort of thing political writers, who can’t simply file column after column about Romney’s inevitability, mined for jokes. (There were fewer jokes when Barack Obama ate at Komi, which is not just delicious and expensive, but pretentious.) I doubt too many of them had tried the place out. It’s fantastic, and for a fancy restaurant, not altogether bank-busting. My only concern is that there’s an election in two days, and there are plenty of great restaurants in states that Gingrich can actually win. How about Bones in Atlanta? Emil’s in Tullahoma?
(Thanks to my friend Rachel Bensen for the translation. No, it wasn’t a particularly difficult translation, and I should have done it myself. Also, a disclosure: I ate dinner tonight at Knoxville’s Cafe 4.)