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Kony Director Jason Russell’s Breakdown Up Close in New Video

A new video of “Kony 2012” director Jason Russell’s strange rant surfaced over the weekend, showing him pacing naked, swearing, and muttering about Satan on a San Diego street corner.

Russell’s viral video about the war crimes of African Lord’s Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony has been viewed over 100-million times this month. The director hasn’t been charged for his strange episode on Friday, and the video seems to dispel early reports that he was masturbating in public. But Russel, 33, has been placed in a psychiatric hospital for monitoring.

A video posted on and shot from a passing car shows the director in an agitated state, walking back and forth on a sidewalk without his clothes on, directing expletives at the devil, and at one point appearing to applaud. The chief executive of Invisible Children, the organization for which Russell directed “Kony 2012,” expressed his support for the troubled director, saying recent weeks have “taken a severe emotional toll on all of us.”

The real question maybe whether Russell’s second viral video this month will rival the view count of his first.