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iPad 3 Rumors: The Final Countdown

(Customers look at Apple iPads at a store in Shanghai on February 22, 2012.)

Photo by PETER PARKS/AFP/Getty Images

A day before what many hope will be the announcement of the new iPad 3 from Apple in San Francisco, speculation about what the new gadget will feature is hitting a fever pitch.

Among the expectations: a new ultrasharp retina display that doubles the resolution of earlier iPads, a boost in memory, and a new superfast quad core A6 chip for processing. The iPad 3 could also have a new HD front-facing camera built for video chatting, might come with Apple’s popular voice recognition software Siri, and could be on the new 4G LTE network.

Like the iPad 2 rollout, the new tablet—which some are reporting might be called the iPad HD—could be available just days after the announcement. But get ready for long lines, Apple geeks. A recent report suggests a whopping 30 percent of mobile Web users want one, and one half of that number hasn’t owned a tablet before.