How Did D.C.’s Conservative Master of Ambush Journalism Get Snowed by a Bono Impersonator?

It was even better than the real thing. Jason Mattera, the conservative video ambush artist – he’d just made TMZ after irritating the hell out of Chris Rock – saw that Bono would drop by a pre-Grammy celebration in Los Angeles. He had some questions about Bono’s work with One, and the tax exile status of one of his interests. He pounced.

You can probably see and hear the problem. This guy, average in height and non-Irish in accent, is not Bono. According to Erik Wemple, he’s Pavel “Bonodouble” Sfera, whose nickname sort of tells the story.

“Oh boy, did I get punked,” said Matter in an e-mai. “Hysterical. Hey, it was bound to happen, especially with all the interviews I do.” He was about as good-humored with me as he was with Wemple. “I will ambush every impersonator until I get to the real Bono.”

Mattera’s taken the video off his public feed. The Blaze, Glenn Beck’s website, has added a long correction to its story about the video. Breitbart.com simply deleted the story.