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Dennis Rodman’s Alcohol Problem Preventing Child Support, Say Reps

Alcohol is a heckuva drug—just ask Dennis Rodman’s outstanding child support payments.

The former NBA star, who for years has publicly struggled with addiction, may face prison time if he can’t come up with $860,376 by the end of May, according to an Orange County court commissioner. But representatives for the 50-year-old tattooed Chicago Bulls rebound machine say his ongoing battle—combined with the depression felt by a painful divorce and not seeing his kids—has made the amount of money owed “unjustified.”

With a history like Rodman’s—a marriage to Carmen Electra, a relationship with Madonna, a memoir, and a turn on Celebrity Apprentice, the hard-partying Rodman can hopefully get some help from friends in high places. Has he liquidated his assets yet, like that 47-foot speedboat named “Sexual Chocolate” ? Playing the addiction card only works when you’re truly down and out.