Breitbart.com: The Huns After Atilla. (Or, the Apostiles After Jesus.)

Screen shot 2012-03-22 at 11.43.00 AM I used both teases in an attempt at balance, because the Breitbartverse is an endlessly controversial subject. From Twitter and email, it seems like Breitbat’s successors, the people who now run his site, think I acccurately portrayed what they’ve built and how they’re adapting to life without their promethean founder. The new chairman and public face of the enterprise is Steve Bannon, director of the Sarah Palin doc The Undefeated and an upcoming documentary on the Occupy movement.

“It was the investors’ call,” explained Bannon, talking to friends after the D.C. memorial service. (The day Breitbart died, Bannon was meeting with investors in New York.) Obviously, the chairman and CEO jobs had to be split, because Breitbart wasn’t replaceable. “He was a combination of Falstaff and Marshall McLuhan. A larger-than-life guy who understood the media. You can’t replace that. In combat, you learn that most of the best guys are going to die first. They’re going to run toward the gunfire. Those guys are leaders. The key is making the unit bind together after that, and push forward.”
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