Worst Stoner Mockery of Quests

I’m not quite sure how I wound up on the media list for “MOVIEGUIDE®, a publication of Good News Communications, Inc. and the Christian Film & Television Commission® ministry.” But I’m on it, and able to see the Rotten Bananas awards (what does that mean? Who throws bananas at screens?) for the Most Unbearable Films of 2011. The highlights:

The Vile, Vulgar & Anti-Christian Award to Red State, for Worst Ultimate Christian Bashing.

The Promoting an Immoral, Abhorrent, Atheist Worldview Award to Paul, for Worst Atheistic, Libertine Bigotry.

The Left-wing Attack Award for J. Edgar, for Worst Scurrilous Portrayal of a Historical Figure.

And the Lewd Sendup of Heroic Fantasy Award to Your Highness, for Worst Stoner Mockery of Quests.