What If He Wins?

WENDOVER, Nev. – My new piece, the last for now from Florida, revisits the conversations I had with some Republican voters about the dark possible future of an Obama second term. I illustrated the interviewed with quick Hipstamatic snapshots. One interview got left on the cutting room floor: Jacquie Van Der Noot, a retiree living in Apopka, who voted for Rick Santorum, and who talked about her worries after hearing Newt Gingrich address a Liberty Counsel forum in Winter Park, Fla.

I would not worry myself, but I know that sooner or later, according to scripture, there has to be a conclusion to think kind of government. To democracy. That there will be one day a one-world government. And I hope that it’s not in my lifetime. I hope that Jesus returns before that. I worry that Obama has already stepped up the process.

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